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Innovative legal solutions for a digital world. 

  • Negotiate contracts, including supply agreements, CMAs, MSAs, IRU/Leases, or other contracts with customers or suppliers. 

  • Assisting clients with project permitting.

  • Multi-jurisdictional counseling with local legal support. 

  • Communications and meetings with government agencies.

  • Due diligence services to ensure good standing status for submarine cable damage claims. 

  • Analysis of permitting status. 

  • Recommendations and regulatory strategy plans. 

  • Development of new services/products.

  • Analysis of privacy, IPR, legal/regulatory issues to comply with different jurisdictions' regulatory frameworks.

  • New cable protection legislation, maritime planning initiatives, etc. 

  • Work with governments to prepare new cable protection legislation. 

  • Participation in workshops with relevant authorities. 

  • Day-to-day business matters relating to the legal/regulatory responsibilities of cable owners. 

  • Institutional representation before international bodies (ITU, Geneva).

Submarine Cable Damage Claims Service

  • Nearly 70% of submarine cable failures are caused by human activity, including reckless fishing and anchoring. 

  • The cost of each maintenance event can be $1-3 million or more for power cables, but typically very few cable owners seek compensation from the perpetrators of such damage.

  • +20 years of experience in recovering damages from shipowners and P&I. 

  • Expertise in telecommunications and maritime law and experience on board cable maintenance vessels. Successful lead cases recovering in excess of $10 million in damages in many jurisdictions, including international waters. 

  • Globally based consultancy services, we can assume the role of case coordinator from day one, responding very quickly to take statements of fact and collect evidence from vessels involved in cable-related incidents, through a worldwide network of leading law firms and technical consultants specializing in evidence collection.  

  • Due Diligence Services: We ensure that cable owners are adequately prepared to defend their rights in the event of a cable incident.

Person performing maintenance on an submarine cable
Submarine cables
submarine cables
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